Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead- Celebrations and Sugar Skulls Part 2

The Dia de los Muertos event at the Hollywood Forever cemetery was one of the coolest cultural events I have ever been to. There were AMAZING altars built and assembled by awesomely creative people, delicious food, vendors vending tons of things I wanted to buy, and some sweet artwork as well.

I am definitely planning to attend this event again next year. And we will for sure be going back a bit wiser on how to best navigate the whole thing. We live about 45 minutes to an hour away from Hollywood, and we left our apartment at about 6:15pm. We didn't make it inside of the cemetery until about 9pm. We got a little bit of traffic on the freeway, but where it really got crazy was probably a quarter of a mile from our exit. It took about a half an hour just to make it to the stop light at the exit. The traffic on the main street in front of the cemetery was NUTS. By the time we made it through that mess, we still had to cruise for a parking spot, which was about a mile away from the venue. SOOOOO... next year, I think we'll leave a lot earlier in the afternoon, approach the location from a different exit, and purchase our tickets in advance. We had meant to buy our tickets online before we left, but sales had closed the day of.

Despite all of the craziness, we had SUCH a good time! Let's check out some sweet photos now...

Here's Liz and I with the calaca bride. She has a sort of headdress made out of feathers. So pretty.

Liz is really into butterflies lately, so we thought this was awesome :-)

A sacred heart illuminated by lights. Love it.

OMG! It's like the Aztec calendar that used to hang in my dad's garage! Actually, I think it's still hanging there. lol

 I LOVE this photo, altar, everything! I really love these sacred hearts, and the tissue paper, and lights highlighting it, are just so beautiful. There was a woman just sitting and posing when I took this photo, which just made the photo that much more awesome. 

Sigh. The HARD Day of the Dead poster. These people need to learn how to better plan and run their events.

However, my shirt was SO SWEET! I cut a skull into the back of it...

...And I finally got to use this Paper Source stencil that I bought like a month ago! I used 
Tulip Soft Fabric Paints that I bought at Michael's. It was super simple and turned out even better than I had hoped. Oh! And I cut and tied the bottom for a bit of fringe. :-)

And here I am in my sweet shirt and badass bright leggings (courtesy of H&M), 
Bud Light Lime-a-Rita, and Major Lazer! So even if the event was lacking, my outfit was cool, the drinks were decent, and the music was the business.

I can't wait until Day of the Dead next year! I'm hoping to maybe build an altar and participate in an event or exhibit! :-) We shall see!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead- Celebrations and Sugar Skulls Part 1

When I was in college at Arizona State, I was introduced to the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead tradition in a Chicana/o Studies class. One of our projects was to make little altars out of matchboxes. We also had to attend the Day of the Dead exhibit in the Anthropology musuem on campus. It was one of the best classes I ever took. It was a real introduction to a culture- my own culture- that I had never really been aware of before. I ended up adding on Chicana/o Studies as my double major because I enjoyed the class so much.

I credit this class as being the beginning of my love of all that is DOD. In a later year at ASU I participated in the same exhibit at the on-campus museum by entering a paper collage/mosaic piece. SO! I obviously was very much inspired :-) I especially love sugar skulls, and I have them decorating lots of spaces in my apartment. This year we attended the Day of the Dead event at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in LA and it was SO MUCH more than I expected it to be! We painted our faces - well half of our faces - for this event and for the HARD Day of the Dead event (long story short, the event was crazy disorganized, music was good but we are never going to a HARD event again.) I can't believe I'd never painted my face before! It was a lot of fun. 

And now... our badass sugar skull faces!! :-D

Prepping for the evening

I used Tulip face paints and I LOVED them. I bought an assorted pack from Michael's as well as a larger sized white and black. They're super easy to use, and I used make-up sponges to apply them. They are activated by water so I just wet my sponges or brushes and swirled them around in the paint. They washed off really easily with water and just a touch of soap.

Liz starting to look like an awesome calavera

Liz just bought some regular Halloween face paint (the kind they sell at Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) but I decided to spend a bit more money on the Tulip paints, because my face tends to be more sensitive, and I didn't want to risk breaking out or getting a rash.

These are our serious faces... heehee!

Surprise photo attack in the car!

And these are our happy faces!

And BF with his half mustache. lol

Isn't his shirt cool?? It's totes mine. :-P He couldn't find his Super Mario skull face shirt.

And me- a sleepy sugar skull

So I thought my face paint was pretty cool the first night, but I liked it even better the second time around

This blue paint was really bright and awesome looking, but it actually stained by face a bit when I tried to wash it off at the end of the night. By the time I got up in the morning and splashed my face with some water, it had all rubbed off.

My leggings were suh-weeeet! Clearance at H&M!

I found lots of photos online that I used for guidance while painting my face. Check out my Pinterest board, Sugar Skulls, for some great photos.

Part 2 of this post coming maƱana with more details on the DOD events we attended this year! :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Postcard Swap (Finally!) and a Week of Day of the Dead Goodness to Come

Hello random people stumbling upon my blog! (Since I am pretty positive I do not have anyone regularly checking out my blog yet- maybe my sister. But that's it.) 
I have returned to my Sugar Skull blogging world! Long hiatus, I know. I have been caught up mostly reading other blogs rather than writing on my own! 
But since I just have SO MUCH to share now, I better catch up! 
I want to finally share images and info about the 
that I participated in this summer. 
It was organized by Shannon, of the blog Musings on Realities.
We were given 10 names and addresses, and our info was given to 10 people.
I received some AWESOME postcards in the mail.
And they're now decorating our craft/spare room as bunting!

Love these blue images

Blue dog and Eiffel Tower!

Pardon the blurriness- I took the photo while it was hanging on the wall


Watercolors and fabric backgrounds!

And hanging above the closet!

And of course, in accordance with my obsession that is everything Day of the Dead and sugar skulls, the postcards that I made all had...
felt sugar skulls on them!!!
I used white cardstock and some handmade paper that I bought at World Market
as well as some paper napkins I got from Marshall's with no particular craft in mind,
but I knew I would find a use for them!
I used the cardstock, paper, and napkins as the base and backgrounds of the cards.

I cut skull shapes from different colored sheets of felt, then used wool roving and a felting needle to add on the details.

I used paper punches to make the mini "papel picado" bunting, and then strung yarn through and tied it to the cards. 

The swap was really cool, and it was fun anticipating the postcards coming in the mail :-)
I would def participate in the swap again next year. 
Some of my swap partners even emailed me and commented on my blog :-)

So I hope these photos of my cards sent and received were all enjoyed.
More Day of the Dead goodness to come soon! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been MIA, missing in action... in CRAFTY action!!


Well I have been neglecting the bloggity blog for a while. 
But I haven't been neglecting the crafting! Promise!
So check out what I've been up to lately...

It was our 2 year anniversary recently (Woohoo!)
and I made this cute banner/bunting (whichever you like to call it)
and put it up in our room.
I used solid colored card stock and heart patterned cardstock. 
I used a paper cutter for the triangles and traced stencils for the letters.
I used a big yarn needle to thread cotton yarn through the letters.

I've seen bunting and banners ALL over Pinterest and the bloggy world,
and I was pretty pleased with how my turned out. :-D

Here's how our wall looks now!ght
I also found the "home" printable online and framed it for bf. He liked it <3
The printable is from Eighteen 25. Make sure to check it out if you want one for yourself!
The little owls and "All you need is love" cards I bought at a craft fair recently in Santa Ana.
It was AWESOME! So much cool stuff there!
and I would HIGHLY recommend attending next year if you can. 
They had one in Santa Ana, one in Long Beach, and another in Culver City.

Last thing I'll write about right now is my dad's father's day gift.

I finally got in on the wash tape action! Yay!
I kept seeing projects using the tape, and decided I just had to get some.
Thankfully I didn't have to wait for any to arrive in the mail, 
because I found some at Target and Michael's.
Now, I doubt this is the most legit washi tape out there, but the patterns were pretty and it did the job. I'll prob still order some online eventually.

I decorated this plain paper gift bag from Michael's with card stock and wash tape.
I found some cool stamps and ink pads for a buck (what???) also at Michael's,
and used those for the text.
My dad didn't pay a lot of attention to the bag, but my mom liked it. Ha.

My dad's card was another printable I found online.
It's by One Charming Party, and my dad thought it was great! :-)
So, the gift that was actually inside of the bag was a t-shirt from 
I love this guy's work. This was like the 3rd time I've ordered from him.

Well, that's all the crafty I've got time to talk about tonight.
Next up, the International Postcard swap I've been participating in!
And the premiere of Craft Wars on TLC tomorrow night! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY Canvas Art to Beautify My Bare Wall

Our bedroom wall is bare no more!

So we have lived in our apartment for at least 9 months now, and sad to say,
I have had an empty wall above the bed this whole time.
*hangs head in shame*
I HATE plain white walls! Argh!
I was just super indecisive about what I wanted on our bedroom wall.
I knew I didn't want to pay a lot of money though, and I wanted something that wasn't just a
mass-produced thing as the focus in our room.
So, I pieced together different ideas and cool things I found online,
and came up with...


It's pretty simple, but I like it a lot  :-) Bf likes it too!
I borrowed lyrics from the awesome Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song, Home.

So how did I do it? Lemme show you...

These "Home" lyrics are pretty popular with projects like this.
I've seen a lot of cool things on Pinterest using this same quote.
So I guess it's not super original anymore, but I love it all the same. <3

So first I put down some masking tape in a chevron pattern. 
I didn't really do any measurement, just kinda eyeballed it.

I used the super inexpensive Craft Smart paint from Michael's
(2 for 50 cents! woot woot!)
in dark grey and island blue.
I love shades of blue and green, and this turquoise-ish color is awesome.

I think I did 3 layers of paint.
After 3 layers it seemed covered pretty well.

I used these stencils by Martha Stewart.
I liked the end result, but some of the letters had little bitty pieces and corners,
that kinda just ended up blending together.
Maybe I painted too fast. I dunno. :-P Heavy, impatient hands I guess. Haha.

 I taped down the edges of the stencils as I went along.

Here it is finished! 
For the bottom hearts, I just used a Martha Stewart paper punch to make a stencil.

It's fairly small, but I'm planning to put up a few more things next to the canvas.

Here you can see the size better above our queen size bed.
And you can see my cool Julius pillow. Hee hee.

I am joining Liz Marie's Linky Party with this post,
so if you find me through her party, Awesome!
And Welcome! :-D

I'm hoping to be there every Friday!

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